Creating through Speaking

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Creating through Speaking

I have a confession to make; I am a Moleskine junkie.  I know you can buy similar journaling items for half the price at Target, but I just crave the Moleskine!  I am currently using 2 of my journals to embark on a new method of bible study and memorization – I have formulated the journal to focus on 10-12 verses each week recording reflections, word and name studies, and general questions the scripture leads me to.  I am starting with Genesis and Matthew, and intend to work through every book of the bible this way, providing I live long enough. As I worked through the first 10 verses of Genesis this morning, there were several things that stuck out to me.  As with most people, the idea of God “speaking” creation into existence was a biggie.  I was sitting there meditating on the scripture, thinking about what it would have been like to have been there as words were spoken and light, water, and earth came into existence.  As I was immersed in this vein of thought, the words came to me clear as a bell; “You create with words too.”  It was so clear it was almost audible…in fact I looked up to see if anyone had indeed spoken to me.  Not seeing anyone of human existence directing anything my way I heard it again; “You create with words too.”  “Impossible.”, I thought to myself.  The idea that I create something just by speaking is nonsense – or is it? Every day I have the opportunity to create with the spoken word.  I’m not merely talking about the capacity I serve in ministry as a pastor/preacher.  I’m talking about as a father and a husband, a brother and a son…even beyond family connections I have the opportunity to create as a consumer and neighbor.  I can either create good experiences or bad.  I can build up or I can tear down.  I can respond with sarcasm or genuine interest.  In the letter of James from the New Testament, he paints a most intense picture; “…the tongue is a flame of fire.  It is full of wickedness that can ruin your whole life…no one can tame the tongue…sometimes it praises our Lord and Father, and sometimes it breaks out into curses against those who have been made in the image of God.” (New Living Translation) What am I creating in people’s lives around me?  What are you creating?  Do those closest to us find solace, comfort and hope in our words?  Or do we lend to their already poor self-image by heaping more refuse upon the emotional and spiritual pile?  The Thanksgiving and Christmas season is traditionally a season where you are around more family, for a longer period of time than any other.  What will the holidays of 2010 be remembered for?  And more importantly, what will we create with our words every day?  God did not merely save us for heaven – He saved us to become like Him, and that includes creating.

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