Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: Oct 1

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Grace Filled Marriage :: Quote of the Day :: Oct 1

Grace Filled Marriage, Grace Based Parenting, Marriage, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Darcy Kimmel, quotes, books     Our marriages are not merely image bearers of God but image bearers of the unity of God within the Trinity. He said, “Let us create man…” Think about it, there is no selfish member of the Trinity. The love within the Trinity is always focused outward toward the other members. When people see our love focused outward toward our mate, even when we’re processing difficult issues with them, people see God. How so? Simple: It’s not the default mode of our human condition to be outwardly focused – especially when the other person has done us wrong. But that’s what God’s grace looks like when we’ve done Him wrong. So when we extend that grace toward each other, people can’t help but sense something (more specifically, someone) greater than us is behind the steering wheel of our lives. One of the highest representations of the image of God is a husband and wife serving each other.”      

  This book is filled with hope and encouragement with chapters such as “A Grace-Filled Perspective” and “Grace Frees You to be Different and Vulnerable”. Dr. Tim Kimmel and his wife, Darcy Kimmel, explain how Grace has been the best thing for their marriage and how it’s the best gift you can give for your own marriage. Give yourself the gift of grace!

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