Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 10

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Resource of the Month :: High Cost of High Control :: June 10

“When I am wrestling with some of the great dilemmas of life, I like to start my search for answers in the one Book that has stood the test of time – the Bible. My walk through God’s Word established the premise for this book. But before I could find what I was looking for, I needed a clear definition of control. After all, some forms of control are obviously acceptable and necessary. Emergencies, certain vocational and positional responsibilities, and moral dilemmas sometimes call for a take-charge attitude. Those are a legitimate uses of control. They aren’t selfishly motivated. In those cases, we’re not taking the position of control to act in our own best interest. For our discussion, therefore, let me define control this way: Control is when you leverage the strength of your position or personality against the weakness of someone else’s in order to get that person to meet your selfish agenda.   With pen and pad in hand, I took my definition of control to the Bible and tried it out on the people and events found there. Mainly I wanted to see how often selfish control turned out well and how often it backfired…”   Interested in what Dr. Tim Kimmel found? You can read along with us this month by purchasing your own copy of “High Cost of High Control” from our online store!     Family Matters, High Cost of High Control, Dr. Tim Kimmel, Resource of the Month, Control

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