All people, regardless of the natural diversity that exists among the vast cultures of the world, share the same three basic inner needs. Everyone feels the need to be securely loved, to feel their life has a significant purpose and that they have a strong hope for the future. Recognizing and understanding these three inner needs are essential to good parenting and also to being better family members, spouses, co-workers and friends.

While we may not always be dialed-in on meeting our kids’ needs for security, significance and strength, there’s one person who is always working overtime to satisfy these needs…His name is Satan. He wants nothing more than to see these heart needs met with superficial, insufficient solutions that leave our kids vulnerable to his attacks. That’s why it’s vital that we harness the power of God’s grace to meet these longings with love, purpose and hope

A Secure Love

God purposely put a void in us that needs to be filled with love so that we might see our need for Him. Every child needs to know that they are loved totally and unconditionally. They need to know that our love is fully given and that it can’t be earned or lost. When they know they are loved, they will feel secure.

A Significant Purpose

Everyone wants their life to count for something. Our sense of significance comes from knowing that what we are doing on a daily basis has a lasting and positive impact on the world. As parents, we must show our kids that they serve an important purpose in our family, their school, their church and the community.

A Strong Hope

Hope is the magic ingredient that helps you persevere and gives you that extra dose of courage when you need it. How much more so with our eternal hope in Jesus? Teaching our children about this eternal hope, through our words and actions, arms our kids with one of the greatest weapons against despair.

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