Parents want what’s best for their kids 

We get it, because we’re parents too.
We want our kids to grow up happy and ready for life.

We all want our families to be happy and connected. So, of course, we do everything we can to do what’s best for our kids and create a happy, connected home.

But our plan often backfires.

Parenting is hard! And for many of us, the very things we do to improve our families (good schools, sports, great neighborhoods, amazing vacations, great jobs), end up working against us.

With over thirty years working with parents just like you, we’ve identified one of the driving problems with how we approach parenting.

We are working with the wrong plan. At Grace Based Families, we call this “the Success myth.”

Simply put, the “success myth” tells parents that if we do everything we can to be successful and raise successful kids, we will be happy, connected, and ready to engage the world.

What we need
is a new plan

And this is where we can help you. We’d love to come along side you and help you develop a new plan, a better blueprint, for raising your kids and relating as a family.

We call this “The Grace-Based Blueprint.” And if you implement this in your family, you will raise kids whose inner needs are met, are given the freedom to thrive, the character to grow, and the trajectory to launch into a future of true greatness.

If you are ready to take the first step, watch our grace-based blueprint video.

We also have a number of resources for parents in the form of books, small groups studies, and conferences. 

It’s time for your family to be happy, connected, and filled with rest. Take the first step and see how the power of grace can set your family free.


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