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1 What are four qualities I need to build into my kids' life in order to make them as great as possible? Parents
2 I am in the process of adopting a child and am trying to be as prepared as possible. What issues can I expect to arise? Parents adoption
3 My husband doesn't show our children much affection. I'm worried this is affecting our children's attitude toward him. How much affection do our children need from their father? Parents
4 What's the right age to teach your kids the gospel? Parents
5 My husband and I think it's okay to drink alcohol if done in moderation but we don't want it to adversely affect our kids. Is this okay? Parents
6 My son wants to pierce his ears and bleach his hair. I'd rather he would not. But I don't know whether this is a battle worth fighting. What do you think? Parents
7 I am a baby-boomer grandparent, how does this compare to grandparenting of the previous generation? Parents
8 My kids get up 3 to 4 times after I’ve put them to bed. It’s driving me nuts. It takes me an hour and a half to get them to sleep. What should I do? Parents bedtime, building character, endurance, freedom to be different, parenting, secure love
9 It's a battle every night when it comes to putting my kids to bed. I'm at the end of my rope, what can I do? Parents
10 Before we got married we thought we had a lot in common. But now we seem to be so different. What should we do? Couples
11 How do I decide what type of schooling is best for my children i.e.: public, private, religious etc.? Parents
12 My grandchildren live with me. How can I create boundaries in my home and still preserve my relationship with them? Parents
13 We want to create an atmosphere within our home that brings out the best in our kids. How can we accomplish this? Parents
14 My wife thinks it’s a bad idea to take our children to a developing country for a short missions trip. I think it's good for them to see how others live. Who's right? Parents
15 When my husband and I try to get our kids to do chores we seem to just frustrate them. How can we help them take on more responsibility around the house? Parents
16 I can't get my children to do their chores. I always end up doing them myself. What am I doing wrong? Parents
17 My six-year-old daughter said a really bad word the other day. Neither my husband, nor I, use this kind of language. How do we get our daughter to understand that this isn't good? Parents
18 When should I allow my daughter or son to date? Parents
19 Everyone in my household is on different schedules. We wake up tired, even after a full night's sleep. How can we stop this crazy pace? Parents
20 My grandchildren's parents are getting divorced. What can I do to help them? Parents
21 My grandchildren live far away from me. How can I stay an active part of their lives? Parents
22 Now that my parents are retired, how can I get them to watch my children while still respecting their new-found freedom? Parents
23 I want to know how to let my 10 year old son know that he needs to help his dad around the house and not play with his friends. This is real important to his dad. I also want to not worry about him when he is with friends. Please help. Parents building character, freedom to be candid, freedom to be different, parenting, significant purpose
24 Now that the holiday season is here, how do we keep our kids from getting the greedies and keep the focus on Christ? Parents
25 We have 3 children but are afraid of raising them in today's culture. We want to move to the country and do home-schooling but our parents think we're overreacting. Are we? Parents
26 How can I make my Valentine's Day last the whole year through? Couples
27 How do we get romance back into our marriage? Couples
28 I like to spoil my grandkids. Do I need to be careful about how I do this? Parents
29 I love my wife but don't know how to show it except through sex. Do you have any suggestions for me? Couples
30 I'm always on the go and feel like I'm running at a crazy pace. How can I stop this behavior? Parents
31 We raised our kids in church and sent them to a Christian school. Now that they're teenagers they want nothing to do with Christianity. What should we do? Parents
32 At what point should I start letting my kids make their own decisions and living with the consequences? Parents
33 Our son's teacher is certain he has a learning disability. She wants our doctor to put him on medication and she doesn't have much patience with him. What should we do? Parents
34 My husband and I work very hard to provide for our family but this oftentimes leaves us very tired when we get home. It's tough to give our children the attention they need. What can we do? Parents
35 From a material standpoint, our children live a very comfortable lifestyle but they act like they are miserable. Did we miss something major in our parenting plan? Parents
36 There's a lot of pressure in our neighborhood to maintain a wealthy status. We can afford to do so, however, something inside of me doesn't feel right. Is it okay to maintain this lifestyle? Couples, Parents
37 My young kids are already really focused on money and status. How do I redirect them to focus on character and goodness? Parents
38 My child’s friends at school are all seeing a movie that I’m not sure I want my child to see. They are always talking about it at school and my child is feeling left out and disconnected from his friends. What can I do? Parents freedom to be candid, freedom to make mistakes, parenting, poise, technology
39 Where should my husband and I draw the line with our kids when it comes to secular music and movies in our home? Parents culture, media
40 My husband is getting frustrated with me because I think with my emotions when we have to make a difficult decision. How can we resolve this conflict? Couples
41 My kids are starting school and my husband wants me to go back to work so we can have more income. I'd prefer to be home and not miss their childhood. What should I do? Couples
42 My kids won't stay in bed after I put them down. It takes me a long time to get them to sleep, what should I do? Parents
43 My wife and me disagree about how many kids to have. How can we resolve this conflict? Couples
44 My wife spends my paycheck as soon as I get it. I work very hard for it, and it frustrates me when she spends it so quickly. How can we resolve this conflict? Couples
45 What is the biggest mistake parents make when raising their kids? Parents
46 I think my wife praises our kids too much. I believe praise should be used sparingly. Who is right? Parents
47 My husband and I want to provide more for our kids' future than we had by pushing them to be great academically and athletically but they don't seem to understand. Is this wrong? Parents
48 Our kids are in public school but every Christmas and Easter the school seems to enforce that Christianity is irrelevant. How should we handle this? Parents
49 Do kids raised in a Christian home rebel less or about the same as kids raised in a non-Christian environment? Parents
50 How do I teach my kids the difference between following the rules of faith and having a passion for serving God? Parents
51 My 7yr old little boy, was offered to pray for salvation by me (his mom) the other day, and he said, "I'm not sure if I believe or not yet mom"... I have really been disturbed! Should I be? Parents
52 How old should my child be when I give him the sex talk? Parents sexuality
53 I'm a single parent and experiencing a lot of emotions, many of them negative. What can I do to calm down and deal with these emotions? Parents
54 It seems like every weekend, one or more of our kids wants to spend the night at a friends house (or have them stay at ours). They have great friends from great families, but it just seems to be every weekend. Do you understand our dilemma? Parents
55 My husband spanks our kids when they act up. He expects me to do the same when he's gone. I don't know if this is the best method. What should I do? Parents
56 My daughter could start kindergarten now but she could also wait another year. How old should she be before she starts kindergarten? Parents
57 What are some ways to parent strong-willed children? Parents
58 There’s a lot of tension in our home and our kids don't like living under our roof. My husband and I don't know what we're doing wrong. Any suggestions? Parents
59 What are three questions I need to prepare my kids to answer before I send them out into the world so they achieve success? Parents
60 I'm concerned about how much TV my family watches. How do we strike a balance between TV and quiet time, especially since our kids are in school? Parents
61 How do I raise my kids to be selfless? Parents
62 In light of the violent attacks by students against fellow students on our high school campuses, what do you think are the vital components to raising kids who don't snap and self-destruct? Parents
63 When my husband and I fight it gets ugly. How do we change this pattern? Couples
64 My teenaged son has a job. He works just about every moment he's not going to school or doing homework. I'm not sure where the balancing line is in this whole area of kids working. What do you think? Parents
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