I’m always on the go and feel like I’m running at a crazy pace. How can I stop this behavior?

I'm always on the go and feel like I'm running at a crazy pace. How can I stop this behavior?

DARCY KIMMEL: I’m so proud of you for trying to address this hectic pace that all of us are living. You know, even when we are deliberate, it can get the best of us.

TIM KIMMEL: Yeah. That’s because we’re living in a world where our culture values being busy and hurried. They absolutely make it look like it’s the greatest thing that ever happened—and then the media exploits it. The people in the media that are running full-tilt, man, they look so much more exciting and interesting.

But here’s probably the biggest lure out there: business rewards.

There is so much money to be made if you are willing to sacrifice your health, the intimacy of your family, the closeness of your marriage, your relationship with your kids. But you have got to decide, “Is it worth it?”

You know, here’s one that is really amazing: sometimes our churches encourage it. They don’t mean to, but when you go to church, you want to be there with the family, and sometimes because of the needs and the demand of the people of the church, if you just have a pulse, you can be the head of the Sunday school class, or whatever, and they call on you over and over again. You have got to know where the boundaries are on that.

But even if we didn’t have these things, our egos really, you know, kind of demand it.

DARCY: They do, because we feel like if we’re not checking things off of our list, then why are we sucking up air here on earth? So what you need to do is look at some of those lures and figure out what’s reeling you in. And then as you identify those things, then you are going to have to decide, is the pressure that this puts on me worth what I get out of it?

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