How can I make my Valentine’s Day last the whole year through?

How can I make my Valentine's Day last the whole year through?

Here are some fun ideas to liven up any day of the year, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day!

  1. Cut a bouquet of fresh flowers and set them in the house.
  2. Take your wife on a dialogue date (sorry guys, no movies).
  3. Take a long walk together.
  4. Treat your wife to a beauty make-over (facial, manicure, massage etc.).
  5. Pay for a lawn service to come one weekend to give your husband the day off.
  6. Do some star-gazing away from the city.
  7. Call your spouse from work, just to see how he or she is doing.
  8. Schedule yourself a free day to stay home and accomplish absolutely nothing.
  9. Put a love letter in your spouse’s purse or coat pocket where it will be discovered later on.
  10. Make sure you can articulate your spouses’ greatest hopes and fondest dreams.

These excerpts were taken from: “The Home Maintenance Manual: 301 Ways to Bring Rest to Your Hurried Home” by Tim and Darcy Kimmel.

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