Homewords – Summer 2004

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Homewords – Summer 2004

Talk about deja vu! There are rubber duckies in our bathtub, sippy cups in the cupboard and pink plastic vehicles on the patio again. We have entered the holy of holies of grandparenthood and there are evidences of our new role all over the house. Many of our “less fortunate” friends tease us about being old enough to be grandparents. The joke’s on them because this is about as good as it gets – being able to enjoy your children enjoying theirs. When Riley Grace bursts through our front door in the arms of her mother, Karis, she enthusiastically begins roll call. “Where’s Shi Shi (Aunt Shiloh), where’s Colt, where’s Papa, where’s Nana?” After she has finished her interrogation and knows who is home and who is bye-bye, she can move on to more important activities like emptying out the Tupperware drawer or talking Papa into a cookie. There are 30,000,000+ of us grandparents out there and the shoes we are being asked to fill in a society of crumbling family foundations are big ones. In producing Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs, we wanted to insure that when the grandchildren of our country ask, “Where’s Grandpa and where’s Grandma?” they are not only present and accounted for, but are a vital part of pointing their grandchildren to God and grooming the next generation for greatness. It’s not often that we get such a significant second chance to help write the history of a generation we will some day leave in charge. We don’t want anyone to miss it. Here’s to earthly delights and heavenly dividends. Love, Darcy Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs is now titled Extreme Grandparenthood, click here for more info. ©copyright 2004 Darcy kimmel

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