Homewords – Fall 2005

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Homewords – Fall 2005

Fall 2005 Back to school shopping is a cherished tradition in our family. It’s a day when one of our kids gets my undivided attention and I get to peek into their unencumbered heart. It starts with shopping for new clothes and supplies and is capped off with lunch at a restaurant of their choice. And just like any enduring tradition, this one has had to adapt over the years to the budget or lack of it, to the time available or lack of it, and to the kids’ interest or lack of it. With Shiloh heading to college this fall, along with her sophisticated skills as a shopper, our “day” of back to school gathering h as been spread over several days. I’m not complaining. Neither is she. But we have had to endure some grumbling from the finance department. Colt, on the other hand, is still a one shot, quick, and focused shopper. One store, one size, one style, four color variations, a couple packages of new socks and underwear and we are off to lunch – his favorite part. It’s my favorite part of the day too. Softened up by bags of crisp new clothes and school supplies, I find that my kids are eager, as well as grateful, to talk about the upcoming year; with its old and new friends, old and new challenges, and old and new goals. I am treasuring every french fry as Colt heads into his sophomore year of high school. Way too soon this tradition will have served its purpose and I’ll have more time to myself at this season of the year and more money in our checking account, but I am not Here’s to backpacks, burgers and back to school memories, looking forward to the table for one. When this time comes, I might even be tempted to elbow my way into the grandchildren’s back to school shopping days. Until then, for the privilege of this special day, I am still willing to plunk down good money for new jeans that already have holes in the knees. Love, Darcy © Copyright 2005 Darcy Kimmel

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