HomeWords – Spring 2007

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HomeWords – Spring 2007

When it comes to parenting, the days are long but the years are short. We experienced this in living color recently when our son Cody graduated from Texas A & M University. Just yesterday, he was the “nerdy” five year old whose favorite videos were Learn to Subtract and Name the State Capitals. But as hewalked across the stage to take hold of his diploma and his future, he gave us new meaning to the word “bittersweet”. On the one hand, with one less tuition bill, Tim and I got a raise and can check this major accomplishment off of our parenting-to-do list. Cody has given us more joy than a parent deserves to have from their efforts. But there is an aching emptiness in our hearts, knowing that this stage of parenting Cody has come to an end and we will miss it and miss him too. And, yes, we are excited about his new independence, but it may take us some time to adjust to our changing role in his life. According to Cody, graduate school is in his future. For now though, he will continue to lead worship for a new, emergent congregation in Brenham, TX, still volunteer with Young Life and also work with troubled teens in a new faith-based counseling program. And with his third CD just out, he is also going to see if God has “professional musician” in the future with his band “Eliot Fitzgerald” (named after two of his favorite authors- still nerdy!). For all of you who have prayed for our family in the past 25 years, thank you. Your prayers have been one of God’s greatest gifts to us. God is faithful and, when it comes to families, it is so true that God does exceedingly more than we can ask or even think. Just a word of encouragement to all of you parents who are in the trenches of diapers, braces and learners permits; hang in there, it is worth it. And do your best to enjoy those days, because the years will fly by faster than you could have ever imagined. Here’s to Tender Memories and Answered Prayer, Love, Darcy © Copyright 2007 Darcy Kimmel

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