HomeWords – Winter 2007

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HomeWords – Winter 2007

I never aspired to be Homecoming King. Queen yes, but King, no. It’s amazing though what a parent is called upon to do for their child. That is how I found myself down on the football field, robed in the King’s cape, on the arm of the beautiful Homecoming queen. Colt was in the locker room with the rest of the football team getting the half time pep talk. Although there were three football players on the homecoming court, the coach made it very clear that they were not there for half time festivities; they were there to win a football game. That’s where I came into the picture. Colt asked me to stand in for him and, although it was a little awkward, especially for the sweet girl in the tiara, I considered it an honor. I couldn’t help but think of the other King who asks us to stand in for Him everyday here on earth. He is the King of Kings and He asks each of us to represent Him well to a world desperately looking for something to celebrate. As Christmas approaches, it’s easy to get so caught up in the hurry and worry of the holiday activities that we forget what it’s really about. We’re celebrating the birth of a King. And the best way to do this is through our love and our giving. It’s the least we can do based on what He did for us. Think of it as an honor. You might feel a bit awkward representing someone who is far more deserving, but—through His grace—you’ll get used to it. Here’s to royal roles and unexpected honors, Love, Darcy   ©copyright 2007 Darcy Kimmel

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