Courage in the Face of a Storm

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Courage in the Face of a Storm

This week Hurricane Ike hit with full force and left devastation in it’s wake. Yet amidst this tragedy, we have also seen what people are made of in the face of such a storm. Rescuers pulled hundreds of people out of flooded homes and cars, neighbors came together to take care of each other, and federal, state and local governments have joined forces to clean up after the mess. But what makes these people do this? I believe it’s courage. Because in most cases, it’s not that our children don’t know the right thing to do in a given situation; it’s whether they have the guts to do it when everything about the scenario encourages them to turn tail and run. Let’s face it, when all hell breaks loose, it’s courage that rules the outcome. But oftentimes fear get’s in the way. Fear is the primary enemy that challenges our emotional stability; and most often, it’s the fear of loss. We’re afraid of losing the moment, so we forfeit the priority; we’re afraid of losing the opportunity, so we forfeit the responsibility; we’re afraid of losing the recognition, so we forfeit the humility. Fear never lies far below the surface of our emotions. Yet our children watch from the wings, they study us as we improvise our way through the daily challenges. They hear our advice and our lectures, but what impacts them greatest are our responses to whatever scares the joy out of us. As our understudies, they must someday take center stage and play their own parts. I wonder what they will have learned from us? The good news is this; courage is yours and mine for the taking. God has not reserved courage for the high and mighty, but for the rank and file. If we never rise above “average” in our ability to parent our children, and yet display courage—then look out future, ‘cause there’s going to be some powerful kids coming along behind us! You are the perfect candidate to make the difference in your child’s life. In the wake of such events as this week, we have seen the courage of people as they pick up the pieces of their lives. Now it’s up to us as parents to pass this priceless gift on to our children. Let them see us live a life of courage and they will be prepared to face the future head on

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