HomeWords – Summer 2009

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HomeWords – Summer 2009

It is a perfect example of extravagant love. A day looked forward to from the time they catch our eye in the delivery room. An occasion planned for and saved for. A day when we are willing to pull out all of the stops and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Flowers that will only be admired for a few hours, candles that will burn less than half of their wicks, a dress that costs as much as our first car and worn only once. Every parent hopes that they can give their child the wedding of their dreams (within reason and budget, of course). Why? Because we love them and are willing to sacrifice to make it happen. When you think about it, it sure isn’t logical to spend all of that time, effort and money for a one time deal, but we do, and even look forward to it. Yes, a wedding is a great example of a parent’s extravagant love for their child. But how much more extravagant is God’s love for us, His children. Our Heavenly Father with only one Son, one Life, the ultimate sacrifice once, for all, for His Bride, the Church. You talk about expensive! Our daughter Shiloh was married just a few months ago and to hear her tell us that her wedding was even more wonderful than she had hoped for made all of the effort and sacrifice worth it. I am convinced that the extravagant love that a parent has for their child is one of the many ways we are made in God’s image. And I am reminded to tell God how grateful I am for His extravagant love for me through his Son Jesus Christ. He loves us more than we will ever know. Thank you Father, your love is even more wonderful than I ever hoped for. Here’s to “I do” and “I always will”. Love, Darcy

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