Smaller Tables and Bigger Blessings

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Smaller Tables and Bigger Blessings

There are certain insignificant adjustments in our lives that poignantly illustrate very significant changes to our existence. They are daily reminders of ordinary living that underscore extraordinary passages in our family. Taking a leaf out of the table, removing a set of car keys from a key ring, passing up the pepperoni pizza in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store. No newly written songs strummed on the guitar, the absence of that signature skip echoing from the stairs in the morning, a house that is actually quiet at 10pm. All of these small losses for us signify a great gain for Cody. He has been released from our quiver and is confidently headed into the future. The day we moved Cody into his fourth floor dorm room at Texas A & M University was also the 1st birthday of our grand daughter, Riley Grace. What a gracious reminder that life goes on, just differently and, with God in charge, more richly. The circle at home may be growing smaller, but it is also growing stronger and broader. Our sphere of influence for God’s kingdom increases with every child that we send off in His care. We feel very blessed to have had Cody around our table for the last 19 years and know that he will be there again on and off. In the meantime, we are concentrating on nurturing and enjoying Shiloh and Colt. All too soon it will be their turn also. Here’s to smaller tables and bigger blessings, Love, Darcy (written in Fall of 2003)

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