There’s No Place Like Home

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There’s No Place Like Home

Overgrown grass, an under-stocked refrigerator, stacks of mail and endless phone messages awaited us as we returned home form a month of travels this summer. Between the six of us, we had journeyed to California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Spain. As we stepped across the threshold of our front door, dragging our 10 pieces of luggage (guitar and golf clubs included) with us, I had to agree with Dorothy- “There’s no place like home.” Although our travels had taken us to some wonderful new sights and brought us to visit family and friends, there is something comforting about coming back to your own address. There are few things that can compare to sleeping on your own pillow, sitting in your usual pew, and catching up with faithful friends. Even our cat, Sugar, looked good after a month’s absence. Homecomings like this remind me that someday we will leave these earthly comforts behind and step across the threshold of heaven. Only then will we really be home. But until that glorious time, I am extremely grateful for my earthly abode and my family and friends. Here’s to ruby slippers and heavenly homes, Love, Darcy (Written in August 1999)

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