The fate of John and Kate

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The fate of John and Kate

One of the greatest pains of parenthood is the pain of regret. If only I hadn’t or if only I had haunts too many moms and dads who wish they could have a chance to play a moment, day or era of their life over again when it comes to their children. John and Kate Gosselin may have thought the enormous amounts of money they were offered to turn their family into an international peep show was worth it, but it’s obvious that the fortune and household recognition have a nasty after taste. John and Kate are the primary focus of interest with their above average silhouettes and imploding marriage. But leave those eight kids on the air much longer and they’re going to start connecting as individuals to the hearts and minds of millions of viewers. Here’s the problem: childhood is complicated enough without having to live it out with a camera man following you around. And reality shows aren’t looking for the mundane. The red light on the camera is most likely to go on at the very moment a child needs to be processing life in private. The last thing a child needs is to have their parents raise them at the mercy of the opinions of tabloid writers and talk show pundits. Being one of eight in the same age bracket and family is tough enough. It’s tougher when your parents go through a divorce. It’s hell if it’s all done for the entertainment of millions of people who, frankly, it’s none of our business. There’s a timeless principle that says, “Never sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate.” Michael Jackson and the hundreds of childhood stars gone wild as adults are all a parent needs as evidence of the high cost of expending children for our ego and financial needs. The question is no longer if John or Kate will regret making their deal with the devil, it will only be how soon and how badly. They ought to get out while the damage to the kids is limited. Unplug the show, focus on being parents, and do their best to reconcile the love they lost along the way. After all, how much is the future joy of one child worth? How about you multiply that by 8.

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