Three Gifts to give your Grandchildren

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Three Gifts to give your Grandchildren

In our book, Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life, we note that one of a grandparent’s critical roles is that of blessing-giver. This Christmas, as a way to gift your grandchildren for the rest of their lives, we want to encourage you to be a blessing-giver by:

Blessing them spiritually

Pray for them and show them how to grow in faith. Our grandchildren must see what faith looks like by watching us grow in our love for Christ and for the people around us. They have got to see us using our spiritual gifts in substantive ways that force us to trust God.

Blessing them emotionally

Celebrate their accomplishments and encourage their efforts in a non-judgmental way. If you can, show up for their ball games, spelling bees, recitals and other events. If you can’t, cheer them on via emails, phone calls or text messages.

Blessing them physically

Provide a safe, comfortable home where they are always welcome. Also, when it comes to physical appearance, let them know you see them as beautiful or handsome-just as God does.

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