Sexting: A Hot Topic for Kids and Parents (Part One)

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Sexting: A Hot Topic for Kids and Parents (Part One)

Sexting – the transmission of photographs of private body parts, people engaged in sexual acts, and graphic, tawdry sexual communication via cell phones and personal computers.

It is as old as time and first raised its ugly head in the Garden of Eden. Taking good and using it for evil that is. Just like Satan himself, the perversion of good into bad can take credit for most of the heartache in our world. If you are like most parents, you got your child a cell phone hoping that it would help you keep in touch and in control of your child as they operate in our busy, cyber driven world. Never did you imagine that this same object of parental care could be the portal for such sexually degrading and dangerous activity. As parents, we can learn from the past as we navigate the future. What we don’t want to do is fall victim to the two most common mistakes when it comes to the distortion of good. First of all, don’t be surprised. It happens all the time. If you were blindsided by this new perversion of sexting, then you need to turn off the reruns of “Little House on the Prairie” and sit down in front of “The Modern Family” for a few hours. For every good application of technology, there is going to be ten twisted applications. When you handed your child a cell phone, you pushed him over the threshold of your protected home into a cold, heartless universe of unsupervised and uncensored options. The “server” on his or her cell phone can be very self serving. As we have already seen through the rapid development of new technology, the sky is the limit when it comes to what can be accessed via cyber space. To be continued… (this is Part 1 of a 3 part Series)

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