Sexting: A Hot Topic for Kids and Parents (Part Three)

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Sexting: A Hot Topic for Kids and Parents (Part Three)

Part 3
Here are a few thoughts that Tim included in the excellent chapter entitled Little House on the Internet from his book, “Little House on the Freeway”:
Ever since someone mouthed the first cussword, God has assigned parents the job of showing their kids how to sift through the detrimental banter that often clutters the lives of people committed to being the salt of the earth. The best way to protect our children from these things is to teach them how to harness the infinite power of God’s presence in their hearts to do the right thing – whether it’s refusing to respond in kind, or choosing to stay out of chat rooms, or gravitating toward different friends, or ignoring and deleting harmful text messages…..
God calls us to instill that power in our children over the duration of childhood. The best way for them to gain this ability is not from lectures but from our example, modeled under pressure. Our kids need to see us defaulting to God’s power for victory when we are weak, when the pull of the world, the flesh, or the devil is intense. Our transparent walk through our struggles as well as theirs will do far more than a piece of software ever could.
– Dr. Tim Kimmel, Little House on the Freeway, 2008.
When it comes to the call of the wireless, you can run but you can’t hide. Neither can your kids. Don’t be blindsided – anticipate this problem. Don’t get hung up on the whole sexting stuff – but be proactive with a solution. Build a strong, grace based relationship with your kids, be their example of victory over evil and pray with them and for them.
You can do it and God can help.

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