God’s Perfect Provision

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God’s Perfect Provision

So it was not you who sent me here, but God.

Genesis 45:8

Many of us right now are out of work or underemployed. There are many who have lost loved ones or have been punished unjustly and are looking at their lives asking, “Why?” It can be hard to remember God’s provision in the midst of suffering. When we are crying in the wilderness, weeping in the prisons, and grieving in the exile of the cruelness of this life, I pray that we remember Joseph. He suffered most of his life so God could use Him to save Israel. Brothers and sisters, if we call ourselves Christ’s, then we can be sure all suffering we face is a part of God’s provision for his people and for the praise of his glory. Our Lord is just all the time. For those of us still waiting to see God in our suffering, I implore you to stay faithful, for our God is a God who provides perfectly. God is impossible to predict and it is often times only in hindsight that we see His hand in the middle of pain. Lord Jesus let us not grow weary in trusting you. Give us the strength to see your provision in the midst of suffering! POSTED BY CODY KIMMEL

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