Grace Based Parenting Video Study Feedback

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Grace Based Parenting Video Study Feedback

We love hearing from you.  Any comments you send us are read by our staff and tucked away like a treasure.   We recently received an email from a friend who took a group of military wives through the Grace Based Parenting DVD Study

“I saw so many “light bulbs” coming on when we did the Grace Based Parenting DVD study with the military wives. So many things each week “struck home” with various people –especially giving our kids the latitude to be different and to be vulnerable – Wow!  So many realizations occurred –I don’t know that I have been able here to express just how huge the impact was.  So thank y’all for making those life-changing experiences possible.”

Praise God for all He’s doing through this study!! If you have been impacted by any of our resources we would love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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