Co-Ed Dorm Rooms…and we’re paying for THIS?

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Co-Ed Dorm Rooms…and we’re paying for THIS?

With High School Graduations looming close on the horizon, our thoughts shift towards college and the future for our kids. For those who are college bound, I am sure there is a level of excitement and also a bit of apprehension about the unknown. A hot topic has come up recently with regard to student housing. Co-Ed dorms (also calledGender Neutral housing) are becoming an option at a growing number of universities. About 15 years ago, colleges began integrating both men and women in the same building, but giving them separate floors. Later, men and women would share the same floor, but separate rooms. Now, in what appears to be the final step towards total degeneration of sexual structure in student housing, men and women can now share the SAME ROOM! Proponents say that they wanted to accommodate gay and transgendered individuals who may feel more comfortable living with someone from the opposite sex, but critics say that all this does is encourages promiscuity. Regardless, it erases all distinctions between men and women and is a microcosm of a trend towards liberalism and post-modern amorality. Albert Mohler has a great commentary on this topic. Some colleges don’t require for students to get their parents’ permission! Students are encouraged to talk with their families about their decision to live in a Co-Ed dorm ahead of time, but in the university’s opinion, the students are adults and can make their own decision. If I were a parent of a student who wanted to live in a Co-Ed dorm I would:

  1. Immediately stop paying their tuition and housing bills.
  2. Withdraw my membership to any Booster Club or Alumni Association.
  3. Tell my student if they would like to continue going to that or any other college they will either pay their own way, or rethink their choice of roommates. (If they are grown up enough to choose a roommate of the opposite gender then they can say goodbye to subsidized living.)

Too often parents float along with these trends because they are either too scared, or too enabling to say no to their kids. Even when kids are in college, you are not their friend, you are their parent. ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters

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