Featured on Parenting Today’s Teen with Mark Gregston Podcast

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Featured on Parenting Today’s Teen with Mark Gregston Podcast

Our friend, Mark Gregston, highlighted Raising Kids for True Greatness in his daily podcast, Parenting Today’s Teen. Listen to the podcast and see the script below. PODCAST SCRIPT: Parents want their children to be successful, but financial success isn’t a guarantee of life success. My friend Tim Kimmel describes “truly great kids” as those who have an unquenchable love and concern for others. He says, “We can sabotage our children’s future when we encourage them to make financial success their goal, rather than living a truly great life.” So, how can greatness be taught? By demonstrating a reverence for God and respect for others. By an appreciation for what we’ve been given and Who has given it. By delighting in sharing with others. And by taking action to help others. True success is more about giving, serving and caring than it is about taking, profiting and conquering.

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