The Gift of A.D.D.

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The Gift of A.D.D.

In a world that reveres high intellect and academic prowess, kids with A.D.D. often fall through the cracks. Our culture worships education. Too often it’s deluded into thinking that stellar grades and top schools are the only chance a kid has at a successful future. That’s hogwash, but it doesn’t stop a lot of kids with A.D.D. from feeling like they’ll never measure up. What a shame, because these kids are anything but mental light weights. In fact, they have a gift. True, they’re easily distracted, but they can lock on a subject like a surface-to-air missile when they have to. The last thing they need to worry about are half-baked futures. An inordinate percentage of the people at the highest ranks of the marketplace are A.D.D. off the charts. The daydreaming that plagued them in school was just practice for the visionaries they’ve become. Entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, artists and CEO’s thank God every day for their gift of A.D.D. I certainly thank Him for mine. Want to learn more: Check out this book: A.D.D. – Wandering Minds and Wired Bodies (This Family Matters Minute broadcast is based on Heart of the Home newsletter Summer, 2007) ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters and Dr. Tim Kimmel

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