Love, Darcy: A Son’s First Job

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Love, Darcy: A Son’s First Job

Colt was experiencing a common dilemma for a teenager. His financial outflow was exceeding his income. He needed to get a summer job. That is what prompted him to make an appointment to fill out an application and meet the boss. “I’ve never been on a job interview before, Mom. What should I expect?” I took the opportunity to give him a crash course on making a good impression. “Shake his hand, look him in the eye, stand up tall, sit up straight, and don’t be afraid to sell yourself and your experience in other related areas of life. Be yourself and smile!” As his 6’4” frame came through the kitchen door, I had flashbacks of a five year old boy racing to show me his new fort. He was so excited and smiling from ear to ear. “I got the job and I start on Friday. My boss said I was the most poised young man he has ever met.” Wow, as his Mom, I always felt that but it was nice that someone else agreed. Colt’s success at representing himself well was a good reminder to me that all of us go out on a job interview every day. We are applying for the job of being the light of the world. I think the advice for Colt actually applies to us as well. We need to reach out and engage our world, look at others through loving eyes, be confident in our faith and make it relevant in our day-to-day life. Our world desperately wants to find people who have something they need – Jesus Christ. God calls us to make a good impression for Him and to do a great job of representing Him to a world longing for love. Hopefully, when we apply for the job, those we meet will agree that we are some of the most joyful, caring people they have ever known. It’s what happens when you love others the way God loves us – with grace. Here’s to future paychecks and day-to-day poise, Love, Darcy (Written in Summer 2007)

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