Love, Darcy: Child-like Faith

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Love, Darcy: Child-like Faith

There is nothing quiet and uneventful about our family dinners, and this was no exception. My mom and stepfather were visiting from Florida and everyone had gathered to say hello. When we sat down at the table, the noise settled to a dull roar as mouths were occupied with a smorgasbord of good eats. This is when Riley saw her opportunity. She wanted to tell us the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors that she had learned at Vacation Bible School that day. Encouraged by the enthusiastic nods from a table full of adults, she went on to tell an abbreviated version of every other Bible story she could recall, not as if it were pretend but like it was as real as front page news. She was on a roll! Realizing that this could go on indefinitely and could interfere with his plans for dessert, Uncle Colt, our 17 year old son, asked her if she knew the story of David and Bathsheba. All of a sudden, ten adults were trying to change the subject. After the laughter settled down, I realized why it is so true that a “child shall lead us”. Riley’s faith reminded me that God wants to be present tense in our lives and we should have an excitement to share about Him because He is more real than anything else in life. I’m so thankful that God uses our children and grandchildren to remind us of His greatness. Here’s to child like faith and well timed interruptions, Love, Darcy Check out a free service of Family Matters: Its purpose is to bring deeper and more open discussions to your family using news that opens up topics on moral, ethical and spiritual issues. ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters and Darcy Kimmel (Written in Fall 2007)

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