Radio Wednesday – A Child’s Salvation

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Radio Wednesday – A Child’s Salvation

Many Christian parents feel they must put pressure on their kids to accept Christ at an early age. Often, Christian parents worry about their kids’ salvation. Their worries cause them to pressure their kids to accept Jesus whether the Holy Spirit has prepared their heart or not. Kids urged to pray the “sinner’s prayer” to please their parents often grow up with a symbolic sense of faith, rather than a substantive one. Remember salvation isn’t a work of the parent or the result of repeating a prayer. Nor is it our job to convince our kids that they need salvation. That’s God’s job! Our job is to treat them the way God treat’s us– with Grace. Let’s not jam Jesus down our kids’ throat. Just live a front-lines faith around them. Let them see you trusting God in tough times, and demonstrating a heart that is sold out to Christ, and they’ll glorify our Father in Heaven in due time! When God is ready, He will draw your kid’s heart to Him. ©:Copyright 2010 Family Matters and Dr. Tim Kimmel

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