Radio Wednesday – Meaningful Touch

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Radio Wednesday – Meaningful Touch

Would you like to raise secure kids? Affection plays a huge role. Allow me to let you in on a secret: God has hardwired our children’s skin directly to their souls. As a result, He’s made meaningful touch one of the greatest tools for transferring a sense of secure love to their hearts. The hugs and kisses they receive from both their mother and father create a reservoir of love in their hearts that can carry them through some of the worst moments life may bring their way. Sure, they eventually get too big to hold on your lap. And they might become self–conscious about receiving affection in front of their friends. Some might even go through a stage where they turn away. But they still need meaningful touch, and deep down in their hearts, they want it. And when they’re hardest to love is probably when they need affection the most. ©Copyright 2010 Family Matters and Dr. Tim Kimmel

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