Extreme Grandparenting on Moody Midday Connection

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Extreme Grandparenting on Moody Midday Connection

Today we had a great time with Melinda on Moody’s Midday Connection talking about Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride of Your Life, one of our favorite subjects. When we wrote this book and created the DVD study to go with it, we wanted to challenge this whole group of today’s Grandparents not to miss the incredible opportunity they have to influence the next generation. During the interview, I was reminded of how easy it would be for grandparents to stop growing in their faith and wisdom – to rest on their laurels and determine that they were just going to coast to the finish line. That would be a terrible decision and a huge waste of the dividend years. Grandparents have so much to give to their children and grandchildren, but to do so we need to remain wisdom hunters and continue to be students of God’s Word. Our use of technology is such a great illustration of this challenge. Everyday, I feel like I have to come up the learning curve on some new piece of equipment, program or application in order to just survive and take advantage of all of the wonderful uses of technology. It is the same way with our role as a grandparent. In order to remain relevant and useful, we are compelled to keep learning about God and seeking His wisdom.  Our Grandkids need to see that a life of faith is worth living and we can let our own lives show them that it is. What a great goal! I hope it encourages all of us grandparents to keep keeping on. Click HERE to download the podcast

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