Love, Darcy – From Macho to Manly

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Love, Darcy – From Macho to Manly

When Your Son Becomes a DadIt was a sweet moment – one that I didn’t make a big deal of out loud, but quietly celebrated in my heart. As many of you know, we were just in Dallas speaking at the Weekend To Remember. Great conference, great people, great work of God in people’s lives. An added bonus is that we got to see our son and daughter-in-law who live there and attended the conference. They are about to begin the biggest adventure of their lives because they are due to have their first child any day now. On Sunday evening after the conference, we went to church with them and enjoyed hearing Cody lead the worship service at Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas. Instead of driving two cars to the restaurant for dinner, we all piled into Cody’s SUV. That’s when I witnessed the transformation that has happened to our son. Cody is a mid-twenties, cool musician type guy who sports the stereotypical faux hawk, Lucky jeans, Urban Outfitter shirt and Rainbow shoes. Ever since he could drive, his car has been filled with all of his music equipment and generally pretty messy. But as I opened the back door to get in, I couldn’t believe my eyes! His car was clean and there, smack dab in the middle of the seat, was a brand new infant car seat waiting to be called into duty once their baby had been born and was ready to come home from the hospital. Thinking this was too good to be true, I looked in the back of the car expecting to see all of his music stuff, but was surprised again to see that his guitar cases, amplifiers, cords and cables have been supplanted by a brand new three wheel stroller – all ready for the new baby. It was about the sweetest thing a Mom has ever seen. And do you know what else? He was so proud of all of this. He can’t wait until the car seat has a little one in it and the stroller is put to use. (I kept my mouth closed about the thousands of diapers and hundreds of sleepless nights) He is so excited to be a new dad and according to him, he doesn’t see this new fatherly image as a trade off, but rather a step up instead. From Macho to Manly. From Dude to Dad. What a transformation! It truly was a special moment for this Mom. Here’s to wake up calls and sleepless nights, Love, Darcy

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