Love, Darcy – Holy Flip Flops and Authentic Living

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Love, Darcy – Holy Flip Flops and Authentic Living

I was wondering if I was the only one who saw the disconnect as I walked out to get into my car. Passing the mannequin and eye-catching display table just outside the door of the boutique located in the gym, I had to smile to myself. There next to a cute purse and hat was a pair of embellished flip flops, all sparkly and blinged out, with a shiny cross glued to the thong of each sandal. And then as bold as could be, fitted over the mannequin, right next to the “religious” flip flops, was a tee shirt proudly sporting the motto: This B**ch Can Cook. Was I the only one who thought there might be a better match for the ecclesiastic footwear? Perhaps a tee shirt with a Bible verse on it or at least a “Christian” slogan like: God wants Spiritual Fruit, not Religious Nuts. (Frank but biblically accurate) or Jesus Loves You but I’m His Favorite (Edgy but still religious) or Down in the Mouth? It’s time for a Faith Lift. (Clever- appealing to women) Even though I’ve put 50 in my rear view mirror, I don’t consider myself a prude. I watch Law & Order regularly for goodness sakes! But there was some irony in this less than savvy attempt to merchandise. At least some very mixed messages. And come to think of it, it is one of many examples indicative of a culture that has blurred the lines of what is appropriate and what needs rethinking. Bottom line, we live in a culture that has thrown moral absolutes out the window and even us evangelicals participate in that culture. It does no good to bemoan the trends in our society. Instead we should be grateful for the reminder that the culture to which we are called to share Christ is not impressed with rhetoric, rules or even truth. They only want to see if what we say to be true really works in our lives. It used to be “If it’s true, it works”. Now it is “If it works, it’s true”. Clever tee shirts and cute accessories can’t be our only billboards when it comes to sharing our faith. Our daily lives should be a living slogan of generosity, gratitude, humility and a servant’s heart to those who God puts up close and personal. It may not be as catchy as a cute tee shirt, but it is definitely more effective at turning another’s heart toward God. Here’s to holy flip flops and authentic living, Love, Darcy

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