Ten Ways to Make this the Best School Year Ever

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Ten Ways to Make this the Best School Year Ever

School buses, crowded crosswalks, filled backpacks and lunch boxes are all reminders that school is underway. Why not make this the best school year ever for your kids by being intentional about the things that matter. Here are a few of our suggestions because your family matters to us.

  1. Gather your children and commit this school year to God in prayer.
  2. Make a commitment to be less rushed in the mornings.
  3. Eat breakfast together before heading off to school and work.
  4. Assign a handy location for backpacks, band instruments and sports equipment.
  5. Make a commitment to eat dinner together at least 4 nights a week.
  6. Go to dinnerdialogue.com for some great ideas for table talk.
  7. Concentrate on praising your children for what they are doing right.
  8. If constructive critique is needed, try a new approach and don’t nag.
  9. Concentrate on their hearts more than their behavior.
  10. Continue to be a student yourself, open to learning and growth.


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