I miss toddlers

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I miss toddlers

If you are the mom of a toddler I know there are those days where you think you are going to go stark raving mad if you have to read “Goodnight Moon” one more time … or sit through another episode of Dora the Explorer! Yeah, I remember the countless hours of arts and crafts, playing blocks, hide-n-go-seek and pretend kitchen – like I wanted to pretend to do something I was weary of doing in real life! I mean really, how much repetitive fun can one mom have through the course of her never ending mom filled day? I know, so much repetitive fun that the most sought after moment of most moms’ day is the time she can manage to be alone (maybe)…in the shower! Yeah – I get you, I know your days are overfull and you are at your wits end, but I have a perspective on your days that I hope you are willing to hear. Now that I am a mom of teens I just want all you moms of toddlers out there to know – sit down for a minute here – you will miss the toddler years! <Head tilted, soft grin on my face.> I miss those small hands that cling, the sweet soft kisses, the smell of baby shampoo on a tousled bed head and the never ending desire of my little ones to have me right by their side. Ah, sweet memories! In case you were wondering it has been a quite a while since my teens have asked me to tickle their bellies, play footsies with them, watch them blow spit bubbles or uttered the phrase, “Mom, you are my favorite!” So tomorrow morning, as you drag yourself out of bed for yet another marathon day of your very busy momlife I hope you hear ringing in your ears, “Being the mom of a toddler is a true blessing, and I am so fortunate to be the mom of these curious toddlers who fill my days with simple love.” Yeah, I miss my toddlers. Don’t forget to sign up to win a Grace Based Parenting DVD Study!

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