Love, Darcy | Football Season

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Love, Darcy | Football Season

Ladies, have you noticed a less grumpy husband lately? Maybe his step is lighter, he has a twinkle in his eye and if he is a whistler, he’s going around with puckered lips making bird noises. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but this cheery hubby has nothing to do with the cute Mossimo outfit you’ve been sporting lately or the new PURE DKNY scent you have on. Alas, on this occasion, even the pucker isn’t headed your way. Bottom line, it’s football season. You can attribute the change in demeanor to three little letters – NFL. No other three letters have the power to transform a man like these do with the exception of the big one, GOD. Yes, ‘tis the season for TV, nachos and their beverage of choice. It is a chance for them to rule the game from their barcalounger and yell and grunt with the best of them. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy football too but I don’t live for it like many men do. Before the season officially began this year, Tim and I were invited to our University of Phoenix Stadium to see the final pre-season game of the Cardinals vs. the Redskins. Fortunately for me, there was a whole lot more going on besides first downs and touchdowns. Fun food, snazzy cheerleaders, jumbotrons and tee shirt guns. We had a great time! Tim watched football and I watched people watching football. There was something for everyone. Let’s hear it for the NFL. Yes, for most men, the season to be jolly has arrived. So ladies, enjoy the frivolity while you can. The second week in February will be here before you know it and it will be back to the same old mopey husband who can’t wait until football season comes around again. Silly us, we thought there were four seasons in a year, but to most men, there are only two – football season and waiting for football season. Here’s to pigskin passion and two minute warnings, Love, Darcy

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