See You at the Pole | Faith, Character and Freedom Intersect

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See You at the Pole | Faith, Character and Freedom Intersect

See You at the Pole ™ is an international student-led prayer event intended to cover public school campuses with prayers of intersession for fellow students, teachers, and administrators, and to express their love for Christ to those around them. This event takes place the 4th Wednesday of September every year and it is a wonderful opportunity for your child to come together with other Christian students to pray for their school.  Students who participate get the chance to practice boldness in their faith and it often opens doors for them to talk with fellow students about Jesus.  Beyond that, it brings the issue of religious liberty and free speech to the forefront of conversation in many households.  When the student’s parents are believers, it makes this discussion more of an informational meeting, but students whose parents do not profess a personal faith in Christ may find that they are unaware of their child’s rights or are even hostile to the idea of their child participating in this event. The See You at the Pole website is full of helpful information about how students can organize and publicize a prayer event at their school.  The website also has very helpful information about Student’s rights to free speech and religious freedom. While it is important for your student to know their rights, it’s also important for them to know how they should respond graciously if the school’s administration says they must cease.  Above all, students participating in See You at the Pole are representing Christ to fellow students, teachers and administrators.  If your child is participating tomorrow morning, take time today to look at the See You at the Pole website to get information and to help them prepare for their prayer event. Here’s an excerpt from an article that Darcy wrote about her son Colton in 2001. This SYATP event took place only 8 days after the terrorist attack of 9/11.  Read about how her son took leadership during this painful time in our history:

On Sept 19, 2001 which was National See You At the Pole day, this boy, who had to be reminded to brush his teeth the night before, was gathering his fellow students, teachers and parents around the school flag pole to pray.  With the flag at half-mast, he and several friends read some selected scripture. Colt said a few words of encouragement and assurance, in light of the recent terrorist attacks. And then Colt and a friend led the more than 50 people assembled around the flagpole in prayer. It was humbling to see children and teachers bowing their heads on a public school campus, pleading with God for comfort and protection. A week later, around the same flagpole, the entire school convened to induct their Student Council officers. Colt, the newly elected president, and three other young leaders, took their oath of office to serve and govern by example. I wasn’t the only one whose eyes were glistening in the sun, as we stared up at the flag to pledge allegiance and sing “I’m Proud to be an American.” Nor was I the only parent present who realized that these young boys and girls would soon be slipping into the roles of the guardians of our freedom. These aspiring leaders would soon be entrusted with the very freedom that insured our right to gather around the flagpole, to read scripture, to pray and to pledge allegiance to “One Nation Under God.

If your school has a See You at the Pole event tomorrow, we hope you will encourage and facilitate your child’s participation. If this is something new to your child’s school, start praying and planning how it can start next year.

If…my people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chron. 7:14

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