The Importance of Building Character on MomLife Today

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The Importance of Building Character on MomLife Today

MomLife Today Darcy is guest posting over at FamilyLife’s MomLife Today Blog on The Importance of Building Character in our children. Here’s a little excerpt from the post…

It’s a lament that I have heard too many times to count. My child is going off to college and I’m scared to death because I have heard how many kids fall off the deep end after they leave home. Tim and I have sent four kids off to college and I never once had that thought. Maybe I should have been more worried, but I wasn’t. Maybe I was in denial, but I don’t think so. Maybe I was so glad to have one less kid to pick up after, but hey, I still have a husband. I was excited for them to try their wings and actually put into practice what we had been teaching them when they went off to college.

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