Don’t Blink – Making the Most of Every Moment

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Don’t Blink – Making the Most of Every Moment

As I sat at the parent weekend for my daughter’s University, it finally started to sink in.  I couldn’t believe how fast her journey with us had gone.  As Kenny Chesney’s song Don’t Blink conveys, time slips away quicker than we could ever imagine.  Launching her into college arrived a year early since my daughter was able to skip her senior year of High School and advance to a University.  I should have expected it, since she started walking at 9 months and hasn’t used the break peddle since.  Time always flies by quickly, but I didn’t know it would be cut a year short by my daughter’s brilliance and drive.  Sitting at “Parent Weekend” was a real eye opener that we just don’t have endless time with our kids. Our gracious God has provided a few years with each of our children.  These years are the most formative of their entire life.  Yet God saw fit to allow us the incredible opportunity to build in them a significant purpose, a strong hope and a secure love.  Just think about it, we have as parents, the perfect season in a child’s life to pass on a legacy of grace lived out and played out before their eyes.  Every force in our world will be against this because our enemy does not like God’s grace.  Why?  Because, God’s grace changes lives and addresses for eternity.  Grace equips children to transform their world – not as safe kids but strong ones.  That is why Paul said in Ephesians 5:16, “making the most of your time, because the days are evil.”  Every moment of every day is a precious teaching opportunity and life building moment for each of our kids. For starters, try to control the speed of your family so you can make the most of the years you have.  Be intentional about how you use your time so that you make the most of every moment with your kids.  Teach them about God’s grace and power at every turn, so that when you sit down and look back at those “Parent Weekends” there will be no regrets. *********** Roy Fruits is the Lead Pastor at Rockpoint Church in Lake Elmo, MN. He has been a chapel speaker for the Chicago White Sox, a featured guest on Family Life Today, a bible Teacher at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Asheville, NC, and speaks both nationally and internationally. His wife Lynette is a homemaker and a core group leader for Jr. High students.  Roy and Lynette have two daughters and one son.

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