Happy Thanksgiving From Family Matters

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Happy Thanksgiving From Family Matters

I polled the staff about their favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions, this is by no means an exhaustive census, but I thought I’d share their answers. Here were the questions: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food that your family prepares? What is your favorite thing about the Thanksgiving Holiday? What is your least favorite thing? Bill (Director of Operations): Loves being with his family and extended family. Doesn’t like cranberry sauce of any kind. Nicole (Warehouse and Shipping manager): Loves making and eating her grandma’s recipe for twice baked potatoes. Loves that her family can still celebrate with four generations. Dishes? Not so much. Sharla (Office Manager): Loves mashed potatoes and gravy. Loves being with her family, but doesn’t like feeling overstuffed. Tim and Seanne Roberts (Technical Director/Husband, Database Maintenance/ Wife): They both LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers. Their favorite post Thanksgiving meal: Turkey on a dinner roll with stuffing and cranberry sauce, (sorry Bill.) Tim loves watching football with his extended family. Seanne loves making her war plan for black Friday shopping! Stephanie (Conference and Events Director): Loves mashed potatoes and gravy!!  (She’s pregnant and that’s one of her serious cravings so Thanksgiving couldn’t be coming at a better time…hehe) Loves spending time with family and friends and remembering the great blessings of the last year. Strongly dislikes Thanksgiving leftovers. I’m thinking she should send hers over to the Roberts. Tim Kimmel (Executive Director a.k.a. El Jeffe) Thinks that football, parades and feasting should be a part of everyday life. Warns that the combination of tryptophan and croquet can be a recipe for long term family trash-talking and doesn’t mind doing the dishes as long as he gets a nap first! Darcy Kimmel (Vice President a.k.a The One Who’s Really In Charge): Loves cooking and preparing the meal with her family and guests! Loves that she still is making some of the recipe’s that her grandmother made. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday because it is the least commercialized and because it lends itself so well to spiritual disciplines like gratitude, contentedness, peace and joy. Karis Murray (Creative Director/Me): I love getting up and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my kids and staying in my jammies ‘till noon. I love cooking with my mom whenever I get the chance. Two Thanksgiving foods tied for first place…green bean casserole, and candied yams. Chris Shondelmyer (Relationships Director and Resident Oklahoma Farm Boy): Loves Homemade Pecan Pie (he says we need to quit mispronouncing it…it’s “pee-can”, not “puh-con”) with homemade whipped cream on top. Equates Thanksgiving with deer hunting season, and this brings a smile to his face. Doesn’t understand why in the world someone thought it would be a good idea to try to make a desert out of a vegetable as disgusting as a pumpkin. Darcy’s Black Friday Acrostic Poem: B– Bleary eyes L– Long lines A– Acts of subterfuge C– Crowds K– Kids screaming F– Frenzies R– Riot at the jewelry counter. I–  Impatience D– Dollars spent A– Acts of kindness possible Y– Yahoo! We survived the day! Hope your Thanksgiving weekend is blessed, and if you shop on Black Friday, try to remember that you are a Christian! Here are some more holiday tips and traditions from the Family Matters Website Holiday Traditions and Recipes Happy Thanksgiving From All Of Us At Family Matters! Kimmel Family Traditions and Holiday Tips Holiday Greediness

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