Top 10 Ways to be a Great Neighbor (For Parents)

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Top 10 Ways to be a Great Neighbor (For Parents)

I don’t know about you, but one of my goals for 2011 is to better serve my immediate community.  And by immediate community I’m including my neighbors, friends, church community and coworkers. Specifically, our neighbors provide some of the greatest opportunities we have as believers to serve one another.  God has placed us in our exact homes/apartments for HIS purposes. In light of this we wanted to share one of our resources – a Top 10 List from Raising Kids for True Greatness on how to be a great neighbor.

Ten Ways to be a Great Neighbor

(For Parents) 1. Be a good friend to all of your neighbors, not just the ones who align with your value system or your spiritual convictions. 2. Keep your yard and the outside of your house looking sharp. Never allow your house to bring a negative appearance to the neighborhood. Keep it painted, the grass cut, and the landscaping both up-to-date and maintained. 3. Pray for your neighbors, especially the ones who are the most difficult. 4. As much as possible, be quick to help your neighbors with things they are doing on their house, yard, or car—or with things they are struggling with in their lives. 5. Be friendly, kind, and encouraging whenever and wherever you encounter your neighbors. 6. Refuse to get pulled into neighborhood gossip. Living on a block with a bunch of desperate housewives is no fun for anyone. 7. Be especially encouraging to your neighbors’ children—especially the kids who come from homes that might be overstressed (as a result of debt, marital difficulties, or lack of spiritual direction). Don’t avoid the families whose kids are out of control. You may have to limit their involvement with your children, but that doesn’t mean you turn your back on their needs. 8. Welcome all new neighbors: whether married, divorced, single, cohabitating, gay, or straight. They are your neighbors. God put you near them to show His love, grace, and mercy. Invite them over to your home for dinner soon after they get settled. Make them feel welcome and safe. 9. Refuse to play the comparison game. Be genuinely happy for all the good things that happen in your neighbors’ lives (new cars, new furnishings, a raise at work, a great accomplishment of a family member, etc.). 10. Be ready to weep and mourn with your neighbors when life doesn’t go their way.

You can find this Top 10 List and a number of other great lists in Raising Kids for True Greatness (available in our online store).

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