Failed Resolutions | A Family Matters Minute

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Failed Resolutions | A Family Matters Minute

Happy New Year all! Karis Murray, here! I’m the Creative Director at Family Matters. Along with managing and writing content for the Family Matters blog, I also write all of the scripts for the Family Matters Minute radio show. The Family Matters Minute is a one minute daily radio spot heard on nearly 500 stations all over the US and Canada. It’s our goal to use that minute wisely to encourage, educate and equip our listeners to be better spouses, parents and grandparents. While we can’t always send you rolling on the floor laughing, (we wish we were that funny) as often as possible we use the vehicle of humor to communicate important truths. To that end, here’s a sneak peak at the transcript for an upcoming Family Matters Minute. Airdate: January 2011.

Failed Resolutions

Sometimes I wonder why we even make New Year’s resolutions. We do it every year.  We eat everything we want from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we overspend on Christmas, chug too much eggnog and basically run-a-muck for a month, and then January 1st rolls around and we’re full of resolution and promise. We vow to eat only 800 calories a day, train for a marathon, and spend three hours every morning reading our bible. It’s 7:45am on January 2nd and so far we’ve slept through our alarm, and missed any chance for bible reading and running, so to comfort ourselves we’ve eaten half the Pepperidge Farms smoked sausage in the fridge and hit the Starbucks drive-thru for a Venti mocha-chip caramel peppermint macchiato with whipped crème! Maybe what we really need are heart changes, not resolutions.

Listen to this spot here. Maybe you hear the show on your local station, but if not and you’d like to, call or email your local station and ask them to pick it up! Stations get info at Until then, you can listen on our website here. Hope your New Year is full of hope, promise and love and that any resolutions you make are of eternal value.

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