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Love, Darcy | Non-Stop Living

I always wondered what kind of person buys a loaf of bread at the gas station. Now I know – someone who for the sake of making one less stop, standing in one less line, and avoiding being late for one more appointment will pay more than twice as much to have half the stress. In other words, ME! As I walked out of the mini mart with my day old loaf of Wonder Bread, I thought, “I’m losing it. I’m buying groceries at the filling station.” Hurrying to my car, I hoped I wouldn’t recognize anyone and for the first time ever, I was grateful my mom lived in another state. I realized that my life was way too busy, if for the sake of convenience and time, I had succumb to shopping at Mobil. And yet, life has a way of filling up with so many good things that we get overextended  before we realize what has happened. This little shopping spree at the gas station reminded me it was time to re-evaluate my commitments and priorities. After all, each day is a gift from God and how we spend that day determines how we value the gift. I was reminded that time, once spent, was gone forever. And I determined again, to spend as much time as possible doing what the Bible says is important: knowing God, loving my family and encouraging my friends. Everything else, including grocery shopping, would have to fit into the time left. As usual, Christ’s words give some much-needed perspective. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. So if you happen to see me walking out of the gas station with a bag of groceries, please assume that more important priorities are filling my days and please don’t tell my mother! Here’s to one-stop shopping and non-stop living, Darcy

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