Sibling Rivalry Series

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Sibling Rivalry Series

Did you get a chance to read Darcy’s Eight Part Series on the hot topic of Sibling Rivalry?  We posted it a couple years back but would hate for you to have missed such great content. Here’s a little taste…

Sibling Rivalry!! It is one of the bummers of parenting that makes sterilization sound like a good idea at times. In the hundreds of thousands of parents that we have come in contact with over the years, sibling rivalry is always a hot topic and one that makes parents plea for solutions. As parents, we must to be very intentional about keeping sibling rivalry to a minimum in our homes. It is a great benefit of the grace-based model of parenting as we raise our kids. If sibling rivalry is making you want to pull out your hair, then have I got a blog series for you! This eight part blog series is meant to help you apply Grace Based Parenting to those times when you want to start a new reality show that no one has had the guts to produce – “Kid Swapping”!

Click on the following links to read all 8 parts: Sibling Rivalry: Part One Sibling Rivalry: Part Two Sibling Rivalry: Part Three Sibling Rivalry: Part Four Sibling Rivalry: Part Five Sibling Rivalry: Part Six Sibling Rivalry: Part Seven Sibling Rivalry: Part Eight

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