Courage: The Backbone of Character on MomLife Today

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Courage: The Backbone of Character on MomLife Today

Darcy is guest posting over at FamilyLife’s MomLife Today Blog on Courage: The Backbone of Character. Here’s a little excerpt from the post…

“…if we agree that character development provides the inner skeleton of strength and values for our children, then courage is the backbone of character. It is central to holding up the rest of what we want our kids to be. It lends the fortitude and determination to live out the other character traits that go into building a child from the inside out. It is courageous integrity that emboldens our children to tell the truth even when it’s not in their best interest. It’s courageous poise that keeps our children from writing off a friend who has taken a wrong turn in life. It’s courageous generosity that decides to give their allowance to the food bank instead of buying a new game for their Play Station.”

Click HERE to read more.

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