Raising Truly Great Kids Chattanooga RECAP

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Raising Truly Great Kids Chattanooga RECAP

Our team just recently returned from a Raising Truly Great Kids event with our friends at First Things First in Chattanooga, TN. We’re praising God for blessing the efforts of their conference committee’s work as our weekend was a GREAT one. Here are a few comments we received from attendees:

“I’m now hoping to be able to apply more grace in my family not only to my kids but my husband as well.  This is more than just a parenting seminar but a wake up call for me to realize God’s grace and change my lifestyle.” “I feel like I have ‘wasted’ the first 5 yrs of parenting on my son! How unfair is it to NOT allow my son grace when I am given God’s grace ALL THE TIME! I definitely plan to get a group together to do the DVD series.  Amazing conference! So thankful God brought us here. Tim is so engaging, easy to listen to and a wealth of knowledge.” “You absolutely introduced Grace as a tool for parenting for me. As a single mother of two boys it can be hard, but this weekend gave me renewed hope & and eager to apply GRACE through my parenting.” My husband and I came from Indianapolis. It was a great seminar and we came away with a lot of great ideas, and realized that we really just needed to relax in some areas!! It was great to have the 6+ hour car ride on the way home to discuss the take home projects in the back of the book!!

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Family Matters Team & Julie B with First Things First

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