Sacrificial Parenting

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Sacrificial Parenting

I wander around social media pretty regularly…and color me shocked when just the other day I heard, and I quote, “being a mom is the in thing in Hollywood.” Well, isn’t that special? That eyebrow raising statement then led me to a link over to a heart warming {she types with her tongue in cheek} little blog post written by a well known (far be it from me to mention) starlet who was bemoaning how hard being a mom can be.  What with her shortened spa appointments, nanny woes and various other issues bogging down her day. Yeah…me too.  So, not! Now, enough about that, how about I write a little something that’s more about our reality. Being a parent is so very rewarding in countless ways.  Sure, each of us has struggles we must deal with daily, but we all have the same goal. Or do we? What is your “goal” for your children?  Do you want them to be excellent students?  Superior athletes? Seamless musicians? Brilliant orators? Well liked and admired by their peers? Happy and successful? All of the above? Might I suggest that your goal for them is the same goal you should have for yourself.  Contrary to popular belief we were not put on this celestial ball to be happy and successful.  We were “breathed into” by our Heavenly Father so that our life would bring glory to Him. What does glory to Him look like? I contend that glory to Him looks like playing blocks with our child, even when we hear that familiar “ping” over on our laptop and we choose to remain sprawled out on the floor and allow that message we have been waiting for to wait a bit longer. Sure, glory to Him is also something much bigger than that, but basically friends, glory to Him is dying to self.  Glory to Him is showing love to others…the others we meet out in the world and the others we share life with everyday under our own roof. Yes, even showing love towards a Hollywood starlet who must actually shorten her spa appointment because she is now a mom – you know, that is a start, so good for her! What are you sacrificing today for your child?

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