Raising Truly Great Kids Spokane RECAP

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Raising Truly Great Kids Spokane RECAP

Our team just recently returned from a Raising Truly Great Kids event with our friends at Positive Life Radio and Spokane Valley Assembly of God We’re praising God for blessing the efforts of their conference committee’s work as our weekend was a GREAT one. Here are a few comments we received from attendees:

“I am excited to let go of my fear and not pass this onto my kids.  Loved the serious commitment to biblical principles.” “I’ve been looking for ANY sort of parenting counsel like this for 7 years!! Thank you!” “Tim helped me see how fear-based I’ve been as a mom & performance based.  I’m excited to let God fill me with his grace each day so I can trust him more & lead my kids by example.  Walking by faith & having hope – letting grace rule our hearts & home.  What a joy to be a parent!” “I have been struggling as a single parent and this has saved my life……You have helped me save my boys.” “I’m raising 4 Great-Grandchildren & am 70 yrs old.  I needed help & you gave me that.   I haven’t laughed so much in a long time – refreshing!

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