Scottsdale Bible Church Message {video}

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Scottsdale Bible Church Message {video}

Tim Kimmel spoke at the Kimmel’s home church, Scottsdale Bible Church, this past weekend on “Bringing Grace Home.”  In his message he unpacked the difference between living an “Obedience-Based Life” versus a “Grace-Based Life.”  A great message for everyone! If you weren’t able to make it (or don’t live in AZ) be sure to click on the below link to watch the message.

Click HERE for Tim Kimmel’s “Bringing Grace Home” Sermon.

For those interested in “The Grace List” Dr. Kimmel referenced in his sermon, be sure to check it out here on our blog. And for even more insight, below you’ll find the sermon follow-up video with both Tim & Darcy. Stay tuned for next week’s topic:  Grace Based Grandparenting!

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