Endurance: The Energizer Bunny of Character on MomLife Today

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Endurance: The Energizer Bunny of Character on MomLife Today

Darcy is guest posting over at FamilyLife’s MomLife Today Blog on Endurance: The Energizer Bunny of Character. Here’s a little excerpt from the post…

“As I bring this blog series, The Importance of Building Character , to a close, I think it’s only appropriate that we end on the character trait ofendurance. In our Raising Truly Great Kids Conference, we define endurance as “the ability to keep going when everything is telling you to give up”. We live in a society of starters. We love new starts and fresh beginnings. In fact, this morning as I was getting dressed and had the TV on, I couldn’t get over how many of the TV commercials were about the latest and greatest offerings. There were advertisements for new cars, new mortgages, new diets, new careers, and new clothes. I didn’t see one commercial that tried to sell me with what happens after you buy this new product. No hype about the 30 years of payments to retire the new mortgage, the 60 months of depreciation that occur as you pay off the new car, or what happens to your new clothes when you wear and wash them a couple of times.”

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