Date Night for Parents & Kids

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Date Night for Parents & Kids

Do you long for the opportunity to have a Date Night with your spouse? Do you feel cheated because you cannot manage to get out of the house and date night just keeps not happening? Newsflash…you do not have to leave the house to have a date night! Really! Allow me to explain. Years ago hubby and I were more than a bit frustrated that we could not have date nights. Our corporate moves kept us away from family and not knowing our new friends and neighbors well meant that we just didn’t feel comfortable leaving our children in their care. So, we came up with a brilliant solution to have Friday night date night…at home! For me, the best part of going out on a date is not having to cook, so we made the decision to do take out at local restaurants and hubby would stop and get our meal on the way home from work. I would make sure to have pizza and a movie for the kids. Since we generally don’t watch a lot of TV, for my kids to know that every Friday they got to have a picnic on the floor and watch a movie made us the best parents ever! The dining room table would be set with candles burning and china waiting, hubby called when he was on his way and the kids picnic dining area would get set up as their pizza went in the oven. Excitement was in the air for the whole family! We celebrated date night! They got a couple of hours without us…we got a couple of hours without them. Well, not exactly, as they would frequently peek around the corner and giggle and ask us if we were kissing and being all in love and stuff! Honestly, I think they enjoyed seeing us making time for each other and loving each other more than we enjoyed the time together. Well, maybe not more than, but definitely as much as! You may need to set your expectations a little lower than the fresh from the oven delicacies placed before you at a private restaurant and you need to anticipate that you may be interrupted a couple of times by little voices, but really none of that matters. What does matter is that you are modeling for your children the importance of making time for each other and the value you place on your marriage relationship. So, how bout it…if you are reading this post I challenge you to start Friday night date night at your home. It might please you to know that our children are now teens and we continue to have Friday night date night at home most weekends – they now roll their eyes, but it continues to be quite obvious that they enjoy seeing us loving each other and I am guessing that some day they will celebrate Date Night with their spouses!

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